What’s your name/gender/age/field of study?

jo/lady/21/bio-loving linguistics major with a concentration in cognitive science

Will you promote my blog?

if it’s a science blog, yes. if not, sorry but no. 

Will you look at my blog/follow it?

I’ll look at it and follow if I like it. (I usually look at the blogs of everybody who sends me messages and follow if I’m into it)

Will you reblog this science post I made?

sure, if I like it. 

I want to submit a video. 

put a link in my ask box/fanmail

Recommend other science blogs?


You’re a great photographer/what camera do you use?

I don’t take any of these pictures unless it’s tagged/mine, which is like 0.0001% of what I post. 

If your question isn’t here, please ask me! Or just talk to me. Y’all are cool and I like hearing from you.