June 1, 2012

Anonymous said: Any body home ? we miss you!

my last paper of the school year is due on monday! and then my one-year anniversary with my gf is on tuesday! AND THEN I promise I will queue up a million things for you guys. 


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January 15, 2012

Anonymous said: "the anon asked if I was male or female, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think those terms are generally used with sex, not gender." You are wrong, and frankly, that definition makes me feel a whole lot more othered than the over-eager use of the cis- prefix. It degenders us, saying, "You may identify as a woman, but your sex is male!" and vice versa. I'm not a "female man". I am male. I am a man in that I am a male adult.

you’re right that that’s othering. I am admittedly not as knowledgeable about trans*/gender-in-general issues as I’d like to be. I read kate bornstein’s book “gender outlaw” a while back, and I think that’s how ze used the terms (and I’m not endorsing (nor am I condemning) the book or bornstein’s views on anything here, and I think there’s a lot that’s problematic there, I’m just saying that’s where I got my information). I’m sorry again for making anyone feel othered or erased or uncomfortable in any way. again, this is important, so thanks for messaging me, anon. 


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January 9, 2012

Anonymous said: I really, really, really enjoy your posts, and I love that you give support so many other science tumblrs. I recently started one, ILiveInASpiralGalaxy, which is pure astronomy - anything to do with space really. I get a fair amount of notes, but only a few actually decide to follow me! What's missing? haha :)

tag everything with “science” and “astronomy” and “space” and “stars” etc. and people will find you eventually. tagging with “science” is most important because that’s one of the tags that has editors that choose what goes on the radar! and I’ll add you to the list. love your blog, followed!

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December 7, 2011

Anonymous said: why long time no post? :(

ahhhh I’m sorry guys 

as it turns out it’s harder to find time for tumblr when you have nothing to procrastinate and instead have lots of time to spend with your lovely girlfriend

soon I promise

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September 7, 2011

Anonymous said: it's a deer.


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